Retail Mattress Solutions has over 26 years of retail and marketing experience and our team has been producing innovative top-of-bed point of sale products for leaders in the mattress industry for nearly 10 years.


Our clients span across the United States as well as internationally. Customized E-Commerce platforms make ordering and tracking simple, and Retail Mattress Solutions will allow bedding partners to utilize interfaces that are linked and compliant with all major retailers, supporting multiple web-based sales organizations with integrated support models.


The RMS difference is the innovative product development, perfect for bedding manufacturers looking for eye-catching top-of-bed products. From elegant headboards to embroidered foot protectors, Retail Mattress Solutions produces high quality custom mattress marketing to make bedding companies look their best.




Custom dressing your mattress means standing out above the competition; [...]





Retail Mattress Solutions specializes in tailoring products for your specific [...]